1. The Psychology of Customer Experience: Why People Buy Stuff

As an added workshop, take advantage of Dr. Lapp’s research in neurobiology to gift your attendees with this fascinating program. If time does not allow an added workshop*, a complimentary ebook can be provided.


What research is used by name brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and Lexus to increase buying behavior and loyalty? Can you use their findings? Can you tap into the non-conscious needs of your buyers?

Drawing on current research, this breakthrough program sheds light on how brands are really built and marketing programs created. It offers strategies you can use to immediately differentiate your products and services. 

The front line will learn what specific actions they need to take on a daily basis to create experiences that capture the hearts of their customers, salespeople can use the strategies to help clients make decisions, and leaders can apply the tools to create team loyalty.

Takeaway How-To’s:

  • Help shape buying behavior with your clients.

  • Use the top four psychological needs to encourage your customers to return for life.

  • 12 Psychological Strategies to increase buying behavior.

  • The Six Top Influence Strategies.

2. Change Leader Skill Drill-Down: One-to-One with Dr Janet

As an added workshop, take advantage of Dr. Lapp’s clinical skill in helping create personal change. This is a personal program, intended to be intimate and inspiring. The exact content will depend on mutual agreement of needs.

  1. Burnout assessment and prevention; re-sparking passion, self-care.

  2. Increasing Emotional Resilience.

  3. Jump-start a Culture of Optimism.

  4. Handling difficult conversations and dealing successfully with the resistant.


1. ChangeFit™ Board Game

For between 50 and 500 people. 20-30 minutes.

Tables of between 5-7 people compete to finish by answering fast-paced, humorous and relevant questions about the program they have just heard, about leadership, share ideas and best practices, and answer custom questions about your association or company! 

Board games include boards, cards, player tokens, dice and prizes.

2. Custom Take-Home Souvenir Booklet

 For 100 to 2,000 people. Between 50-80 pages with your intro page and custom cover and specific material appropriate to your program. Your sponsor's logo and information if requested.


3. Change Styles Game

1. For up to 500 people. 15-20 minutes. Increases self-knowledge about personal change reactions, leadership styles, and the impact that one has on others. Increases understanding among teams and improves communication. Each person receives a Quiz card, explanation of styles, sticker and reminder card. Includes interactive practice games.