Social Intelligence Lab

The Social Intelligence Lab can create an emotionally-binding culture that current research shows is essentially to high functioning teams and creative performance.

  • Empathics: Increasing empathy skills that is shown to hold the key to engagement, higher client satisfaction scores.

  • Communication: Learn appropriate self promotion, assertiveness, and presentation skills.

  • Group and Team Coherence: Use techniques that Google has found to provide the drive behind the most effective teams.

Social intelligence can be learned and adopted as a trait by following graded exercises until new behaviors and beliefs become self-rewarding and sustainable. 

1. We’ll take baseline measures of where each person in the group currently is, and design a landing place where they want or need to be.  

2. Then we will conduct the lab,  which is both in-house and online. The lab will be like a boot-camp - difficult and yet very do-able, with continual support and supervision. Labs can take up to 4-7 days, divided into 2-3 sessions spread over a 21-day period.

3. We conduct post-measures at 30 days and return for a three-month refresher and follow-up measurement.

4. A continued 9-month program is developed with each lab participant where online support is available.


 *A trait is an underlying attribute that reflects stable, enduring beliefs and attitudes. 

Social intelligence focuses on the specifics of what is needed now to communicate effectively, to increase connection among team members and/or to connect with others. How to set ground rules. Get agreements. Give feedback. Hold difficult conversations.

Studies show that those who communicate empathetically increase not only customer service and patient satisfaction scores, but become significantly more powerful leaders. Empathy increases perspective and improves listening skills. You’ll be able to see the bigger picture more clearly, making current changes more understandable.

Finally, personal presentation skills will be addressed so that you will communicate clearly and assertively not only with team members but be able to present your ideas clearly in front of groups of people.

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