Optimism and Self-Efficacy Lab

Optimism is a trait* that is the basis for creativity, innovation, enhanced mental and physical well-being, higher sales performance, and new skill development.  SELF-EFFICACY** IS AN ENDURING BELIEF IN ONESELF.

Optimism can be learned and adopted as a trait by following graded exercises until new behaviors and beliefs become self-rewarding and sustainable. 

1. We’ll take baseline measures of where each person in the group currently is, and design a landing place where they want or need to be.  

2. Then we conduct the lab,  both in-house and online. The lab will be like a fun boot-camp - engaging, difficult, in-your-face, and yet very do-able, with continual support and supervision. Labs can take up to 4-7 days, divided into 2-3 sessions spread over a 21-day period.

3. We conduct post-measures at 30 days and return for a three-month refresher and follow-up measurement.

4. A continued 9-month program is developed with each lab participant where online support is available.

labs are guaranteed to result in agreed-upon changes in attitudes and behaviors.

* A trait is an underlying attribute that reflects stable, enduring beliefs and attitudes. This is a one-time permanent change in behavior that if practiced will remain gifted to your employee the rest of their lives. 

** Self-efficacy is a term coined by a professor of psychology at Stanford that means an interior belief, confidence that one can achieve a goal or get to an outcome. People with a strong sense of self-efficacy are more likely to be motivated from within and naturally take on challenging jobs and set higher goals. They work hard to meet commitments, see failure as something that they can control and change. Rather than blaming external factors they recover fast from setbacks because they take responsibility for changing what they can and go about doing that. 

People with low self-efficacy are no less intelligence or talented, but lack the internal belief that they can be successful and so are less likely to make the effort. Challenging tasks are threats to be avoided. Low aspirations result in disappointing performances and become part of a self-fulfilling feedback cycle.

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