Courage/Mental Toughness Lab

Courage* is a trait that is the basis for creativity, innovation, risk-taking, new skill development, forward-movement, and idea-generation.

Courage/risk-taking can be learned and adopted as a trait by following graded exercises until new behaviors and beliefs become self-rewarding and sustainable. 

1. We’ll take baseline measures  and design a landing place.  

2. Then we conduct the lab,  which is both in-house and online or online only (beta). The lab will be like a boot-camp - difficult and yet very do-able, with continual support and supervision. Labs can take up to 4-7 days, divided into 2-3 sessions spread over a 21-day period.

3. We conduct post-measures at 30 days and return for a three-month refresher and follow-up measurement.

4. A continued 9-month program is developed with each lab participant where online support is available.

Labs are guaranteed.

 *A trait is an underlying attribute that reflects stable, enduring beliefs and attitudes. 

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