“What Bold Leaders Do. Are you leading the way?"

    This is a future-focused high-energy keynote for leaders from the mid-level to the C-level.

 Are you prepared to lead others into the future? 

Do you know the six most forgotten leadership skills (that might be taking you down?)

Do you know the new, must-have 2020 skills for the future of work?

Despite uncertainty, can you guide with confidence and courage?

Do you like to laugh, be inspired and encouraged, have the courage to stretch?


1.    Why organizations get stuck, how to get things moving again. 

2.    Don't just be agile, be predictive.

3.    Reinvent yourself, or “teach an old dog new tricks”  ... and get others to do the same.

3.    Learn how to create a vision that works and drive it down to the front line.

4.    Find out why “Blocks, Triangles and Tangles” are the #1 killer of change and innovation and what to do about them.

5.     Be able to teach their teams skills for growth: optimism, emotional flexibility and courage/mental toughness.  

*This program includes and pre-post ChangeReadiness Assessment. Custom booklets and ChangeFit™ board games can be ordered! 

“Change is a force to be feared, or an opportunity to be seized. The choice is ours.”
“Take action. The window of opportunity closes quickly.”