For Event Planners

You need exactly the right person and right message for your conference or event. 

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The event we create together:

Will be interactive and your group will be involved. They will see amusing and insightful images and short videos. I will never, ever use wordy power point slides.

Will be customized for you by visiting your facilities (where possible), using your product (where possible), by personal conversations ahead of time, learning your materials, culture and language. I will attend the event the evening before and the program of that day, travel permitting.

Is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. My experience presenting to over 2,500 audiences around the globe has created predictability.

Will be well researched. Trends and projections will be current.

I have one purpose: to bring optimism and courage to today’s leaders. My mission for our program is to create an outstanding success for you and for your conference.