Qnet ChangeFit Guide


Qnet ChangeFit Guide



If you’re going through fast change, the good news is that

your organization is keeping up. If change has been delayed

for any reason, you might be playing catch-up. The not-sogood

news is that to be successful you’ll need to adjust your

attitude, speed and energy.

It’s no longer acceptable to center an organization around

silos of personality. Rather, the organization must require

each personality and each department re-align to the vision

and to strategy for the good of the whole.

The purpose of this ChangeFit™ guide is to streamline and

simplify the actions and attitudes you will need in order to

expedite this adjustment.


ChangeFit™A QuickStart Guide

7 Six Forgotten Leadership Skills

17 Summary Leadership Skills

21 Future Skills

27 Getting ChangeFit™

28 Flexibility: Base for Agility

31 Clearing Triangles

35 Clearing Tangles

40 Clearing Blocks

45 Tough Conversations

49 Seven-Step Formula for Everything


59 Optimism: Base for Innovation

63 Courage: Base for Growth

69 No Excuses

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