Wondering how to keep momentum going? ChangeFit™ MiniLabs

ChangeFit™ MiniLabs are delivered via online training. Studies show that people who complete the miniLabs are more skilled personally, and report themselves as more productive using standard assessment measures.

How it Works

  1. Identify up to 2-100 people. Mini-Lab members attend a short webinar explaining the goals and structure of the MiniLabs. 
  2. Complete short online pre-post assessments.
  3. At their own schedule, members at any location watch password-protected training videos, each with key change leadership topics. Questions and Key Tasks are given with each video/online series. Anonymous questions and comments are sent directly to Dr Janet who will respond personally.
  4. Members check in at regular intervals to their online labs. 


  1. Why change, Why Now? What are key hard trends and how do we react?
  2. What are the usual reactions to change? What are healthy reactions?
  3. Top three actions to take to get the change message across to everyone.
  4. Keep the change message alive and working. Communicating during fast change.
  5. ChangeReady™ Mindset Skill #1. Cognitive and Emotional Flexibility.
  6. The ChangeReady™ Mindset Skill #2. Optimism, keep morale high.
  7. The ChangeReady™ Mindset Skill #3. Courage, grit, resilience, mental toughness.
  8. What to do when people won’t change: Part 1.
  9. What to do when people won’t change: Part 2.
  10. No More Silos: How to break down barriers
  11. What Next? How to keep the spirit alive.
  12. Closing webinar miniLabs summary and post-testing.

Are you ChangeFit™?