I’m a therapist and I’m depressed.

From StoryPeople: “Of course I’m not happy, she said to me, but I’ve got a degree in psychology so at least I can explain why.”

Those of us who know better are supposed to hold immunity. But we don’t. The election cycle is dragging up old and new issues in a lot of us. Many of us are reliving past trauma, whether it’s been ‘treated’ or not. Children of holocaust survivors, adults abused as kids have a high sense of dread and report flashbacks, general anxiety, mild depression, headaches, waking up at 3:00am for no reason. 

Here’s what I’m doing to pull out I hope it helps.

1. Remember that it’s “normal” to react. The good news is that if we are ‘reacting’ we have not bought into the delusions. We’re overexposed to situations that are outside the range of human understanding. 

2. Reduce news consumption. There is nothing we can do to control it.

3. Take some positive action. Make a stand. Get out to vote. Get your friends out to vote.

4. Reframe what we can. “We’re lucky to live in a country that supports freedom of speech.” “It will be OK in the end; if it’s not OK it’s not the end.”

5. Cut ourselves some slack. I don’t feel like working, my energy is low. So I go to the beach, light a candle, practice more meditation, get out into nature, be with positive friends. Give in to self-care; it's only for a little while more.