Never too late!

This morning an article appeared in the NY Times that I can’t get out of my mind.

Fernando Miteff was a graffiti artist until his mom threw out all his materials (“get a job!”). This powerful gesture threw him into despair where he stayed for almost 30 years. One day a friend asked him: ‘Do you believe in God?’ He said, ‘Of course.’ His friend told him to be serious for one moment a day for 30 days. Every morning, he said, ask God a simple question: “Can you please give me the information I’m seeking?”

Within a few days, the Universe conspired to provide him with answers (which it always does when we ask these kinds of questions). Angels showed up, he’s found his voice and is now expressing his art (and oh, is being covered by the NY Times).

I love one statement: ” … rather than lamenting the 27 years he did not create graffiti, he knows everything is fleeting, so he is savoring the present.”

timthumb   So starting today, I ask, “Show me what is next? What do you want from me?” I try to be still enough to listen to the answer.

And I won’t regret all the years I spent making mistakes, instead I will cherish those mistakes my angels allowed so I could get to exactly where I am now.