Better the Disruptor than the Disrupted: Plan Big

Digital transformation divides the disrupted and disruptor … with the disruptor usually ending up on top.  

Disruptors who create significant change weren’t born as creative disruptors, don’t have more skill or talent than others, but they do think and act differently and then one day … get tired with the status quo, and act.

This is the beginning of a series of short blogs about quick actions you can take to help budge you closer to the mindset of creating great change, Any of us can switch from the ordinary to the awesome with surprisingly small changes in daily thought and action.

The first change is a fundamental one, and one that you have heard before: adjust your mission statement to reflect what you’re about to do. Instead of positioning your product or service to be “the best” or “number one” decide how you are going to change the world. You might need to amp up your vision for this one, but it’s just as easy to dream a big dream than a small one. 

Creators of WeWork started off with a world-changing idea; not in the office-leasing business.

Creators of WeWork started off with a world-changing idea; not in the office-leasing business.

Conceived by Neumann and McKelvey, both with backgrounds in communal living, WeWork is a $20 billion global network of workspaces, play spaces and several offshoots of other kinds of spaces where companies and people grow together. Their mission is to “transform the way we live, work, and play.”


Elon Musk's vision doesn't mention market share or great electric cars. Rather, he ‘accelerates the world’s transition sustainable transport.’

Create your new mission, drown those limiting “who do you think you are” voices, post this mission everywhere within eyesight and then go about acting as if you were someone who was about to accomplish just that.

In upcoming postings: the hard trends to capture to be ahead of the curve, how to develop the disruptor mindset, and how to get ChangeFit™ so you can face each challenge head on.