At some point, it becomes time get clear about what is expected during change. With compassion, try sharing these thoughts with your team.

1. Changing isn’t an emotion. It doesn’t matter how you feel about changing to meet the requests or demands of someone else. You will never feel like it. The good news is that change is a decision, not an emotion. You make this decision to stay employed and contribute to the greater good for all.  

Changing is a decision you make to be different, better, or stronger. You begin by making a decision. If your company, department, industry is changing, and the writing is on the wall, just make the decision. What choice do you have? Where will you go? The world is changing, there is no place left for you if you don’t adapt. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

“Ride the horse in the direction it’s going.”

2. You get energy by moving. Don’t feel like it? Or, don’t believe you can learn these new skills, or cope at a higher level? The action of moving toward a goal creates energy. As you grow, you’ll uncover new talents and skills. Your brain grows new neurons with each uncomfortable change you make. So you will learn more as you move, more will be revealed on the path. Trust me on this one. The worst thing you can do is to do nothing. The best thing you can to do is just start. You don’t have to know how to finish, just start.

Make it clear. We're moving.

Make it clear. We're moving.

3. Changing and growing is part of nature. If you don’t want to change and grow, you’re not fulfilling your contract here on Earth. You are in life to let it rip, not wither and die. You are a part of nature. Birds fly at 100% velocity, trees grow to their maximum height, flowers radiate full-on scent. Does nature hold back? Is it reluctant to grow, refusing nutrients? If you’re alive, play full out in your job, in your life.

“If you ever wonder if your purpose in life is over, if you’re alive, it’s not.” Richard Bach

You don’t lose enthusiasm because you get old, you get old because you lose enthusiasm. Who you are and what you do, begins right now. Not at tonight’s party, not tomorrow on your way home, not next week at the quarterly meeting, but right now. You create your own future. Imagine what you could do, knowing that you know that. 

The question is: what will you do with it?