Softcover: Why Won’t They Listen to Me?


Softcover: Why Won’t They Listen to Me?


173-page softcover Book

Simple steps to influence your pack

Although geared to parents of kids young and old who won’t listen, this book will increase your impact and influence in all leadership arenas, including in those tough situations at work ... and will help you move your pack in the direction it needs to go.


Quick Start

Chapter 1    Why Aren’t They Listening?
Chapter 2    The Quick Fix
Chapter 3    Quick-Fix Kids
Chapter 4    Changing the System
Chapter 5    Ground Rules
Chapter 6    5 C’s: Compassion
Chapter 7    Confidence and Clarity
Chapter 8    Commitment and Consistency
Chapter 9    Acting Out


Pack Order Basics

 Decide what rules or behaviors are important, those that won’t budge.
 Get everyone in the house on the same page about these.
 Get clear and consistent about the rules. Kids can’t read your mind. 
 Don’t enforce rules when you’re too angry or tired to think straight. Give a Calm Delay and wait until later.
Never yell or hit. These out-of-control behaviors put your child in power. If you do, apologize and get back on track. 
Reward your child only when following the rules, and in a calm state. Think out rewards ahead, consulting with your child. 
Spend time hanging out with your kids. 
Tell the truth, no matter what. 
Don’t do anything for them that they can do for themselves. 
Figure out your own identity, your goals and dreams. 
Sort out the difference between Love and Permissiveness 
Sort out the difference between Wants and Needs
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