The Change Leaders Deck


The Change Leaders Deck


Key messages taken from the top leadership books and best leadership wisdom.

For those who don’t have time to read all the books, these cards give key messages. They are easy and portable, and they help.

We receive more orders for this deck than almost anything else! 
Each of the fourteen (14) business card-sized rounded-corner glossy cards contain one leadership reminder with 2-3 suggestions on converting the reminder into action.

Take one out a day, or when needed. You’ll find that they come in handy as reminders for yourself or as gifts for your whole team.  
The cards come neatly wrapped in a cello card bag.


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These are some of best tools we’ve ever used - to remind us constantly of the track we’re on! Our Regionals loved them and use them all to time to remind their teams.
— V. Jones, Tommy Hilfiger