Decision Card Packs

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decision cards.png
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Decision Card Packs


Make faster and better group decisions

Make faster and better decisions with this deck of large postcard- size Decision Cards. No more foot dragging or excuses! Each member of your team is required to make a visible commitment to an idea or a project before leaving the meeting. 

Comes with 30 decision cards and complete directions. 
10 of each color.

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After a while we didn’t even need to use the cards. We assign numbers to our decisions and each team member weighs in, we take averages. It has increased precision in thinking and decision-making.
— Dave Hubers, American Express
We can’t believe how much this simple tool helped clarify buy-in and get the resisters out in the open. It seemed gimmicky at first but now we can’t live without the process.
— Jim Hahn, Sales Director, IBM