The world is dynamic and flexible! Your workforce needs to be as well.

68% of your workforce is just showing up and putting in time. 12% are digging in their heels and putting the brakes on. Only 18% are flourishing, at the top of their game and driving your organization into the future.

How do you move the 68% over to the top 18%? How do you create a dynamic and change-ready workforce, flexible, forward-thinking and courageous?

We track hard trends and know the skills needed to thrive with those trends. We know what moves top performers through disruptive change. We know how and why some people thrive with disruptive change and trauma and why others get stuck. We can suggest simple changes that will increase morale, workplace agility and organizational efficiency.

Whether through her fast-paced, energetic and engaging keynote addresses or online or onsite ChangeFit™ Boot Camps, with Dr. Janet and her team you can develop the attitudes and skills you'll need to thrive in the future.

“She cut through our resistance 
and lifted everyone to a place of humour, hope and courage.”
— Johnson & Johnson
Dr Janet Lapp actually creates change during the session; I could feel it and hear it. She left our people with exactly the mindset and skills we were hoping for.
— Neopost USA





Over the past 25 years, Dr. Janet Lapp's change leadership books and bold programs have created clear, actionable paths for organizations around the world, from the Instituto de Ejecutivos de Finanzas in Argentina to Ritz-Carlton Hotels and IBM Sales in the USA to the government of St. Petersburg/Leningrad, Russia and The Hospital Authority of Hong Kong. 

"An amazing and inspiring send-off as our closing speaker." "Energetic and fast-paced." 


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With almost clinical finesse, she creates trust and vulnerability by her down-to-earth engaging style, then exquisitely enter people’s hearts and souls to carry them to a place where they start to believe in themselves.
— Northwell Health System