ChangeFit™ Labs

Culture change experts such as John Kotter have stated that “70% of all organizational change efforts fail, and one reason for this is executives simply don’t get enough buy-in from enough people for their initiatives and ideas.” If 70% of the takeoffs in my airplane resulted in a failed landing, I had better enjoy each flight to it’s fullest since there are 7 chances out of 10 that it might be my last.


Lack of buy-in takes a huge toll on the success of the organization, and failed change efforts take a tremendous human toll. The continual start-stop, hope-despair cycle can lead to a toxic state of learned helplessness or apathy. 

Although the Change Guidelines that I and my change leadership colleagues have promoted since the early 1990’s are still valid (see my 1996 book Plant your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air), the guidelines alone – even if followed – are not the key to effective culture change. Guidelines rely on a top-down approach – “communicating constantly, getting buy-in, being simple and clear, celebrating achievements, lining up rewards with requirements, establishing accountability” – all important, but inadequate. They do not result in employees increases self of control self-efficacy or ownership of their experience. Without that, employees remain as puppets in the change experience. 

Leadership training without accompanying skill training for all employees is like scattering seeds upon barren ground.   
ChangeFit™ Labs teach all employees the top skills of successful change agents as well as essential skills of living. ChangeFit™ Labs are so highly rated that we believe that they are a basis for top employee engagement scores.

The Labs

The materials used in all ChangeFit™ Labs are based on evidence of adaptability and resilience, and have been used effectively with any and all size groups. Portions of the Labs have shown much success in various branches of the military and with returning veterans adaptability and re-integration.

  1. The three distinct labs can be taken independently.
  2. We contract only with small businesses with up to 500 employees or single departments of larger companies.
  3. Most Labs are conducted in groups up to 100-200 persons.
  4. We have partnered with Potentia Labs of San Diego and Lumosity Labs to augment the in person Labs with engaging online experiences requiring only 10 minutes a day.
  5. Private executive coaching is included and is currently booking into 2017.



Begin by taking an intro to the CFAT Change Fit™ Assessment: